We can be reached 24 hours a day for your care-related enquiry on 09 407 7799

Covid-19 Protection Framework

Current Setting - RED Clinical Services:

Like everyone across Aotearoa, we at Hospice are now working within the new COVID protection framework of traffic light system.
The health and wellbeing of you and your whanau is of the utmost importance and this information outlines how we can better protect you.
When we are in the red and orange phases there are some important aspects we would like to highlight:
The clinical team will:
continue to ask the COVID triage questions prior to nay home visits.
be wearing PPE when visiting your home. This will be a mask and maybe gloves and a gown.
socially distance and adhere to hand hygiene practices
Home visiting may be reduced however we will increase our phone support and may suggest connecting via zoom or a similar platform. when home visiting the team may:
request if appropriate that you and your whanau wear a mask
may suggest meeting outside if this is possible
Our volunteer companion service and our day services will be limited.
Please be assured that:
our 24 hour phone service will be available for queries or support
for end-of-life phase of care, our team will be there to support you and your family/whanau
If you have any queries or concerns please discuss them with your nurse or contact our Clinical Manager or Chief Executive on 09 407 7799

Processing Centre and our shops:

All of our staff and volunteers have been vaccinated. At this stage we are not asking for vaccine passports. Customers must wear a mask at all times. 

For more other information about the Protection Framework, please click on this link.  https://covid19.govt.nz/traffi...

We have now entered Phase 3 of the Omicron response:

Omicron is now in our Community. Please click on this link for what this means for you: