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Hospice Awareness Week

Thank-you to our Mid-North Community

Hospice Awareness Week Monday 16th - 19th May 2019

We had 2 goals for this years Hospice Awareness Week. The first was to have as many conversations with our community about the #weneedtotalkaboutdying# campaign as possible. Our aim is to help our community have conversations with their loved ones when it comes to their end of life care. Advanced care planning is an important part of this. We understand that these are difficult conversations to have and we want to support people to have these in a compassionate way.

Secondly we had a goal to raise $10,000 for medical equipment that is needed now. This consisted of 2 beds with pressure relieving mattresses and 2 syringe drivers. Through a variety of fundraising events we have been able to raise just over $7,000. 

It is truly humbling to see the support we as an organization receive, the call to our community was heard and you  came quickly and without hesitation, thankyou from all the staff and volunteers at Hospice Mid-Northland.


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