Hospice nurses can be reached 24 hours a day for your care-related enquiry on 09 407 7799


Palliative Care Lecture Series:

Hospice New Zealand are delighted to offer a free programme of monthly palliative care lectures online.   You can register via Hospice NZ and watch it in your own time and space.  Once completed you can download a certificate.

Syringe Driver Training:

Hospice Mid-Northland and Far North Community Hospice provides Syringe Driver Training courses. Online learning is availble prior to a practical workshop run by the educator for Hospice Mid-Northland and Far North Community Hospice.  Please email education@hospicemn.org.nz for dates of the practical workshop.  Please note that the online component must be completed prior to attendance .  See attached flyer.

The Fundamentals of Palliative Care Programme – Ngā Tūāpapa, o te Pairuri

A new, blended online learning programme

The Fundamentals of Palliative Care programme is designed for any healthcare worker, registered and non-registered staff caring for people with a palliative care need.  Being educated about palliative care will help you improve the assessment and outcomes for people in your care, their family and whánau, as well as yourself and other healthcare workers.

Following a recent review, work commenced to make the Fundamentals programme available to a wider audience. Hospice New Zealand, in collaboration with its member hospices is excited to offer a new blended online learning Fundamentals of Palliative Care programme, for participants to enrol in.

Watch an overview of the online programme:

Watch this short (2 min) introductory video to help set you up before you get started. It includes what is covered in the programme, how to sign up, what you need to do to complete the programme and where to go for support.

You can also download this information flyer about the online programme.


The programme was launched nationally in 2012, since that time, regular reviews have occurred and in 2016 the Introduction to Spiritual Care package was added to the programme.  Each year around 10,000 people nationally have taken part in one or more of the packages.

Knowledge Hub:

For more information and to enrol, visit the Knowledge Hub.

The Fundamentals of Palliative Care workshops associated with the online learning can be booked through your closest Hospice. Please note, you must complete the online learning prior to booking a workshop

Up coming palliative care education sessions:

Palliative Care Study Day - Presenters Dr Warrick Jones and Dr Di Murphy, Palliative Care Specilaists

Friday 26th July 2023 - Kaitaia Hospital, Meeting Room  8:30 - 4pm.  Flyer

Practical workshop caring for people at the end of life for Health Care Assistants/Kaiáwhina.

Friday 11th August Kaitaia Hospital, Whare Room - Ground Floor 12-3pm.  If interested email education@hospicemn.org.nz.  Watch this space for a flyer!

Fundamentals of palliative care, practical workshop 

Friday 8th September - Kaitaia Hospital, Meeting Room  8.30am - 4pm. Online must be completed prior or no attendance.  Morning Tea provided bring your own lunch. 


The lectures will be delivered via webcast on the first Thursday of every month from February to December 2023 from 7.30 to 8.30am.


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