Hospice nurses can be reached 24 hours a day for your care-related enquiry on 09 407 7799

Our Team

Hospice Mid-Northland and Far North Community Hospice operates a Clinical Team of specialist Palliative Care Nurses and  Family support co-ordinators who are supported by a talented and very dedicated Operations Team - and over 400 volunteers from our communities. The Operations Team provides the structure to keep Hospice running sustainably day-to-day, so that our Clinical Team can keep providing their services free-of-charge to our communities.

Clinical Team

Clinical Services Manager - Hannah Ledingham

As Clinical Services Manager, for Hospice Mid-Northland and Far North Communty Hospice, I am responsible for the overall clinincal care provided to our paitents and  families/whānau. My role supports the clinical team (nurses, psychosocial support, doctors and patient related volunteers) through leadership and alongside other team members, continuous quality evaulation and improvement.  Given that palliative care is provided by many health care professionals this extends to collaborating and problem solving with our palliative partners such as Hospitals, Maori Health Providers and Residential aged Care Facilities.  Current health reforms are in full swing, a significant part of my role is exploring what inequities exisit for our region in comparason with other parts of the country, advocating for our patients, families/whānau and looking at ways to minimise or overcome these in a manner which supports the uniqueness of Te Tai Tokerau.

I am always happy to hear from patients famililes/whānau and the community should you have concerns about or ideas on how we can improve our service.  Please feel free to contact me at clinicalmanager@hospicemn.org.nz

Clinical Coordinator - Lisa Puru

I have been at Hospice Mid-Northland for several years as a nurse and more recently as the Clinical Coordinator which gives me the opportunity to support my nursing collegues as they continue to provide optimum care to our palliative care patients.  We as at Team are passionate about delivering the best care available to alleviate suffering and ensuring quality of life for those facing a limited life expectancy.  We could not do this without the support of other health professionals and colleagues in our wider community.  As we are primarily caring for people in their homes we cover a large geographical area and some homes can be very remote.

Palliative Care Educator - Maureen Kearney

Maureen Kearney was a Hospice Palliative Care Nurse for Hospice Mid-Northland for 12 years and in February 2020 moved her role to palliative care educator for 2 days a week. As part of our strategic vision we need to educate our community to remain sustainable as an organisation in our community.

Maureen is working alongside other health care providers to increase their knowledge, skills and awareness of palliative care. Included in her role is weekly contact with aged care facilities offering educational services on different topics related to palliative care needs.

Family Support Counsellors - Monica Donnelly (Team Leader)

Our family support counsellors can walk along side you as you navigate your journey.  We offer emotional support to help you manage change , loss and grief.  Our counsellors are available to see you on your own or with your family/whánau group.  This can be done over the phone, or by video chat or in-person face to face (either in your home or at the Hospice Offices, which ever is more approporate).  Our support continues after death, with bereavement care provided as needed.

Amy Powles:

The way I work as a student counsellor is called narrative therapy. I always separate the person from the problem (you are never the problem). When you come to counselling to talk about something difficult or what is bothering you, we will first introduce ourselves so that we can make a connection to each other.

We will talk – as much as you want to – about what is happening for you. We will talk about your hopes, and we will also talk about what will support and grow your hopes. We will work out how often we will meet; for how long; what is useful to talk about; who else supports you. And any other things that matter to you

 I only know what I know. I say this because, YOU are the expert in your own life. I am not the expert in your life. I will help you, to help yourself and figure stuff out. I promise to walk alongside you 

Colleen Olsen:

Feeling of grief & loss can begin before the death of your whánau member.  My role is to provide support through out time of illness, death and support in to breavement period.  I can support challenging conversations about death & dying.  There is an opportunity to validate, reflect on and make meaning of the changes for our patients and whánau and help find solutions to situations and challenges.  My hope is that families/whánau will feel more comfortable talking about death and provide them awhi (caring) and emotional support they need, in what ever way it works for them.  Our free breavement support gives an opportunity to begin their healing process through sharing of your stories; a listening ear on a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Monica Donnelly - Hospice Mid-Northland - 021 2297590
Amy Powles - Hospice Mid-Northland - 021 234 9656
Colleen Olsen - Far North Community Hospice - 021 454 779

Te Tumu Manaaki - Stella Rihari

My role is to identify the cultural needs of patients so that we can deliver a culturally specific response to their end-of-life care as well as  supporting their families/whānau, friends and carers.  We look to ensure tikanga and kawa are upheld through the values and  preference of Māori and are reflected by applying Māori  traditions and processes through a holistic approach.   We provide advocacy and support networks to the paitents carers so they have what they need to continue to support their loved one at home. We also offer support in the bereavement phase.

The otherside of my role is to educate and support Hospice staff to work with a culturally sensitive approach, to guide them in having hui and to engage with whānau so the families/whānau, friends and carers are aware of what is happening for their loved one. 

Clinical Nursing Team

The Hospice Mid-Northland and Far North Community Hospice, Whare Manaaki Te Tai Tokerau specialist palliative care nursing team comprises of a full team of specialised nurses - Andrea, Sandra, Felicity, Natasha, Kelly and Pip for Mid-Northland and Erin (Clinical Coordinator), Kate (Clinical Coordinator), Sheryl, Fern and Annette for the Far North, to enable us to provide our 24/7 Service.

The nurses have post-graduate qualifications in palliative care and this increased knowledge and skills all combine to provide the specialist nursing care that is required at the end-of-life.

Our support and care of patients and their families/whānau may include assessment of issues and concerns, pain and symptom management, and psychological and spiritual support. Care is planned in conjunction with the patient and family/whānau to ensure their needs and wishes are respected. The focus is on trying to improve and support quality of life.

The nurses are on call overnight and in the weekends to ensure people have access to the specialist support and advice 24 hours, seven days a week. Home visits after hours are made if necessary to ensure patients receive the care and support required.

Another important aspect of of the Clinical Team's role is to support other healthcare professionals in our communities, hospitals and aged care facilities with a palliative approach to care by increasing awareness and sharing our specialist knowledge and skills.

Palliative Care Doctors

Hospice Mid-Northland and Far North Community Hospice are fortunate to have local doctors who provide medical support one day per week.

Sometimes you or a loved one may need specialist medical support from a palliative doctor.  Our Hospices can access support over the phone through North Haven Hospice.  A North Haven specialist Dr can also review patients during their monthly clinincs held in our regions.

Dr Anita Patel, I am GP in Kerikeri and am delighted to join our wonderful Hospice Team at Mid-Northland.  I enjoy the opportunity to serve our community and to support our highly skilled and hardworking team in managing patients and their families/whanáu.

Dr Damian Marsh, a Snr Dr Kaitaia Hospital, both have a special interest in palliative care.

Operations Team

Chief Executive - Belinda Watkins

My role is to ensure the successful operations of Hospice Mid Northland and the Far North Community Hospice; to implement the Board’s strategy and vision; to responsibly manage the resources given to us by funders, donors and sponsors; and to meet with, and work alongside health partners and community in order to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our service to our community.

Hospice welcome your support and I am very keen to talk with you if you have suggestions or ideas for us - my door is always open. You can contact me directly at manager@hospicemn.org.nz or by phone on (09) 407 7799.

Business Development Manager - Vania Hamlin

This new role is responsible for the leadership, management, and direction of commercial, sales and marketing and business development for both Mid and Far North Hospices.  These key functions support the organisations’ ability to deliver community-based specialist palliative care services to the Mid-Northland and Far North communities.

Contact me at vania.h@hospicemn.org.nz

Executive Assistant - Tracy Fraser

My role is to provide secretarial, administrative and operational management support to the Chief Executive to ensure the efficient management of the organisational database and all Human Resource (Staff and Volunteers) systems. I also provide assistance with reporting for board and organisational meetings.

Quality & Safety Manager - Rita Lawlor

My role is a combination of quality and safety work, working in the background to support the team to provide care of the highest possible standard.  I hope that in some small way that I contribute to the awesome work Hospice does to  supporting people to achieve their vision of living every moment.

Facilities Co-ordinators:
Far North Community - George van der Linden
Mid- Northland  - Suz Fitch

Hospice a growing service so it is important to provide a safe and fit for purpose whare within the funding constraints that we have.  George and Suz work together to make that happen.  George Coordinates the patient equipment too.  We rely heavily on our amazing community and volunteers to support us.

Accounts Administrator - Jo Whiteman

I support the day-to-day running of our services, including the accounts administration and financial side of Hospice Mid-Northland. I look after wages, GST & PAYE, accounts, shop reconcilliation for 5 shops, Invoicing for funding and banking. I also oversee our support services. This is a part-time role, Monday to Wednesday

Office Administrator - Gladys Caolo

My role is very varied, covering both regions so no two days are alike. The role includes giving administration support to the clinical team as well as keeping things running smoothly in the office. I take minutes at various meetings and carry out reception work.

Retail Coordinator - Ashley Haig

My role oversees our Processing Centre and Retail Shops in the Mid North. I am also currently working towards offering more efficient ways of selling our donated goods in our online space.  Our Hospice Shops contribute significantly to the 63% deficit in funding that Hospice Mid-Northland and 50% for the Far North Community Hospice we must raise annually to keep our services free-of-charge to our community.

Kerikeri Shop Retail Supervisor - Vicki Beavis

My role oversees the management of our shop in Kerikeri. Our retail network is supported by a team of committed volunteers who help us keep it all going.   They  provide help to our customers by providing superb customer services. Our Hospice Shops contribute significantly to the 63% of funding that Hospice Mid-Northland needs to raise annually to keep our services free-of-charge to our community.

Equipment Coordinator - Dan Boye

My main role is to procure, maintain, replace and coordinate all patient equipment for Mid Northland Hospice.  I am supported by a great team of Volunteers (Lifter/Shifter/Drivers) who deliver and collect equipment to and from homes. The Team also delivers daily stock to our Kerikeri,  flag ship, shop,  We manage to find time to collect donations of furniture for free, which can take us to all sorts of places within our region.  We can also deliver items sold from our furniture shop, a service for which we charge.      

We operate 5 mornings a week - 8am - 12:30pm from the Greenshed at 464 Kerikeri Rd, Kerikeri.

Equipment for the Far North Community Hopisce is serviced from our Kaitaia office and is corodinted by Geoarge van der Linden who is also the Facilities Coordinator.


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