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Information & Resources

Living with a life-limiting illness or supporting someone who is can raise a lot of questions and concerns, so here are the resources and information that we think may help during this time. We are also open to discussing your situation with you, so please contact us at anytime. Please also let us know if there is information that you would like to see listed on this page.

Te Ipu Aronui

This website is to support Māori whānau (families) to provide care to adults and kaumātua (older people) at end of life, as well as take care of whānau at the same time. We want to support whānau who may have been unable to retain their traditional care customs due to the forces of colonialism and assimilation, as well as the influence of modern urban lifestyles.


Practical resources for patient carers

The below video's are a great resource for our patient carers to help with the practical day to day care of your loved one. Please click on the picture below - this will take you to the video.

Help to move around in bed

Ki te neke neke e runga i te moenga

Transferring patient from the bed to chair and back again

Ki te nuku turoro mai i te moenga ki te turu

Bed bathing 

Ki te horoi i runga te moenga

Changing the bed sheets with the patient in the bed

Te huri i te rau

How to prevent bed sores

ki te muru nga mamae o te moenga

Mouth cares for palliative care patients

Tiaki te mangai

How to give sublingual medication

Tango rongo ma raro i te arero

How to stay positive as a caregiver

Kia mataara

How to prevent caregiver burnout

Kia mataara

Hospice Brochures

We have a range of brochures that explain our services that you can download, read or print.

Other Resources

You may also find these other resources valuable.