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Blu Heelers Northland Fishing Tournament 2019

Hospice Mid-Northland Charity of Choice for 2019!

We are so thrilled to be this years charity of choice for the 2nd year running!
This is a fantastic fishing tournament, a very professional event run by a great bunch of community members who donate and dedicate their own time to make sure it runs so smoothly AND generates a small fortune for us! A huge thank-you from us to these committee members!!
This competition is a measured tournament meaning that most fish are released back into the beautiful Bay Of Islands for fishing tomorrow.
The species include snapper, kahawai, kingfish and crayfish.
A very small portion will be kept and auctioned off during the end of each fishing day...more details to come!
Adele has put her hand up to fish this tournament and be on hand during the event. We will be coming to you live each night during the tournament, stay tuned!


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