Hospice nurses can be reached 24 hours a day for your care-related enquiry on 09 407 7799

COVID-19 - Caring for our Carers

Skylight Trust - A great resource!

“Carers NZ, IHC, and others have partnered to assist carers and people living alone through COVID-19. It may be a listening ear, a helping hand, escalating a concern, or a random act of kindness. When New Zealand returns to Alert Levels 2 and 3 we can offer more kinds of help! Questions? Call 0800 777 797 or email centre@carers.net.nz <mailto:centre@carers.net.nz> “

Resilience Tips and Exercises

Strengths: Think of two strengths you have which help you with change e.g. patience, knowing the facts.  It may help to think of a difficult time which you thought you wouldn't get through, but you did.  What helped you?

Control: We may not think we have much control at the moment but you might be surprised. On a sheet of paper draw a big circle. Then leaving enough space to write, draw a smaller inner circle.  In the outer circle, write the things you can't control e.g.) Covid -19, weather, children, news, then on the inner circle write what you can control e.g.) washing hands, staying home, having kid's activities, getting fresh air, limiting your news intake..

Remember Isolation not isolated; Distance not distant; Rahui - an agreed time for healing.

A Resilience Exercise

Ruminating -vs- Responding: Our minds can take us down upsetting routes. Spending too long thinking about something which has a negative effect on our spirit and wellbeing is ruminating.  Here's an acronym to help.


S = stop, just stop for a moment

T = take a breath.  If you concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes, it helps distract your brain from ruminating

O = observe what's happening.  Is ruminating giving you a pain in your head or stiff shoulders? Relax those parts of your body which are feeling tight

P = put it into perspective.  Are you safe this moment? Do you have the basics? Have you survived so far?

For more information, please visit Skylight at www.skylight.org.nz


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