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Making a Bequest

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a donation from your estate which you give to family, friends or your favourite charity (such as Hospice Mid-Northland).  This is recorded in your Will under the guidance of your legal advisor.

Your bequest can be:

  • A specific sum of money or a percentage of your estate - what may seem like a considerable amount now may be significantly reduced over time.  Nominating a percentage of your estate will ensure your gift is not restricted by inflation
  • Residue of your estate - once all other gifts and expenses are taken care of, Hospice Mid-Northland receives what is left
  • Specific gift of asset or property - which we can use or sell as appropriate.

Why make a Bequest to Hospice Mid-Northland

Your support means that Hospice can continue the care of terminally ill patients and support their families now and into the future.  Your bequest will support the work of Hospice Mid Northland beyond your lifetime and will ensure we can continue to keep our services free of charge for the people living in our community for years to come.

A bequest is an excellent way to contribute to Hospice in a way that does not affect your financial situation now.  Once you have taken care of those closest to you, a bequest to your favourite charity can be one of the most important gifts you can give.

Any funding received by Hospice Mid-Northland stays within our local community.

What would Hospice Mid-Northland use my Bequest for?

When you make a bequest to Hospice, you are able to specify what you would like the proceeds to go towards. Our General Manager Belinda Watkins would be happy to discuss our operations with you and which areas are most in need, should you require this information to assist you in making your decision.

The cost of providing hospice services in the Mid North area (from Taupo Bay in the North to Towai in the South and coast to coast in between) is approximately $1.4 million per annum.  Funding is provided from the Far North District Health Board, however this contributes less than 50% of Hospice Mid Northland's overall operating costs.  The remaining balance needed for us to continue providing our high standard of care and services free of charge, relies on fundraising activity, donations and income from our three Hospice Shops.

In dollar terms this shortfall equates to around $700,000 per year that we need to fundraise!

Unless specific conditions are made, your bequest would be used to continue to provide free specialist palliative care within our community, including the purchase of equipment such as medical equipment and materials, vehicles used specifically in the care of patients, educational and other similar resources as well as operating costs.

Making a Bequest

If you would like to discuss a bequest, please contact General Manager Belinda Watkins on 09 407 7799. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and of significant value to our organisation and community.


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