Hospice nurses can be reached 24 hours a day for your care-related enquiry on 09 407 7799

For Family and Carers

There are many people who are caring for someone who is dying throughout New Zealand.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do or what help and support is available.

It is important to remember you are not alone.

There are few experiences more difficult than caring for someone at the end of their life.  Each of us faces death as uniquely as we lead our life.  We all hope that when death comes it will be as peaceful and dignified as possible.  We also hope we'll face it feeling comfortable in our surroundings, well cared for and that those we love are well supported.

At both Hospice Mid-Northland and the Far North Community Hospice, we support you and your loved ones both practically and emotionally to ensure that you can provide the best of care in the way that you wish. Hospice will continue to be there for you with emotional support in a form that suits your needs.

  • Informal drop-ins or more formal counselling.

  • Bereavement Support
    - Helping to make sense of loss and grief - please read our helpful brochure

  • Remembrance Gathering
    - A yearly gathering to honour those in our care who have died.

  • Social support - supporting you to access agencies and information dealing with monetary, housing and other non-medical related issues that family/whanau may be experiencing at this time

  • Library covering a wide range of written and DVD information

  • Ongoing support

Useful Links

We have listed a number of useful links that may be helpful in relation to palliative care.


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