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Meet a Hospice Nurse - Lisa Puru

Tell us how you came to be a nurse at Hospice

As part of my nursing degree, I had the opportunity to complete a four week placement with Hospice Mid-Northland, working alongside some highly-skilled and amazing people. I met patients and families at a very vulnerable time of their lives and witnessed the quality of care, both physically and psychologically, that the nurses provided, and how well this was received by all - what a privilege.

(I was also introduced to the weird and wonderful side of rural community nursing, like chickens on the bed, and having to move the cows to get through to the house!... but that’s another story!)

Why Hospice nursing?

These experiences ‘touched’ me in so many ways, and I knew from that moment on that palliative care was the area of nursing I wanted to follow, but of course I had a degree to finish and some general nursing experience to gain. I completed my degree and began working as a Practice Nurse in a rural health centre, (where again the cows had to be moved on occasions for the rescue helicopter to land!) but I never gave up on my dream. 
In time, an opportunity arose where I was able to do some over night shifts for the Hospice at Home initiative, which cemented my passion. I was fortunate to gain a permanent placement with Hospice Mid Northland and started in July last year.

What makes your nursing career choice so special?

To have the opportunity to spend time with someone with a life limiting illness, to hear their fears, to witness their bravery, to sit in silence, to hold a hand, to ease their pain, to bring a smile - for me, that’s what nursing is all about.


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