Hospice nurses can be reached 24 hours a day for your care-related enquiry on 09 407 7799

Volunteer Application Form

Hospice relies on the generous contributions of our amazing volunteers. Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Hospice volunteer.

Please read the following information and complete this form

As part of the requirements for volunteering for our organisation, we need some information from you via:

  1. Volunteer Application Form
    This information is needed by Hospice Mid-Northland to assist in your placement in the volunteer team, for contact details in the case of an emergency and for our statistical purposes.

  2. Police Vetting Request Form
    This form is needed to ascertain any security issues that may impact on volunteer placement. This ensures that Hospice Mid-Northland is protected when working in the public arena.

  3. A copy of your Driver's License and/or Passport
    For the identification and/or for those driving on our behalf. This can be photocopied at Hospice Mid-Northland.

Volunteer Form

Please complete and submit electronically to apply to become a Hospice Mid-Northland volunteer. Alternatively, you can print the electronic copy below or pick up a hard copy form from the Hospice Mid-Northland office.

The information you supply will not be disclosed to any other party or organisation. It will be held on a secure database in a locked facility and you may request a copy of your information at any time.

Volunteer Roles

There are many ways that you can help as a Hospice Mid-Northland volunteer, including:

Supporting patients:



In their own homes. Non-clinical support (eg company, reading, comforting presence).


Providing complementary therapies. Must hold certificates of training/practice.


Ensuring family/whanau attending bereavement sessions are catered for.

Shop Volunteer:

Assisting in our retail shops in Kerikeri, Kawakawa and Kaitaia.

Sorting Centre Volunteer:

Sorting, cleaning and pricing donated goods at our Processing Centre (The Green Shed)

Kowhai Corner/Furniture Shop:

Open and close the shops ready to sell donated goods.

Inwards Goods:

Receiving inwards goods donated at the Processing Centre, clearing drop-off area. Cleaning and repairing.

Lifter, Shifter Driver:

Moving our hospital loan equipment and/or shop donations.

Fundraising Events Support:

Coordinating, baking or helping on the day (for one or more events as wished).

Hospice Office Support:

Answer phones and front desk reception, preparing morning tea and assist with general office tasks etc.

Grounds and Maintenance

At Hospice Mid-Northland on 464 Kerikeri Road. Gardening, window washing, car cleaning, working bees, trade - painting, plumbing etc

Catering, Baking

Provide baking for the freezer or events when required and help at functions.

Please select the appropriate primary volunteer role in the form below and state what other roles you may be able to help Hospice with.

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Thank you for your generous offer to become a Hospice Mid-Northland volunteer. We will be in contact with you soon.


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